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What makes us different?


We understand that time is valuable for the interviewers(clients), that’s why we are committed to delivering only the most suitable orhighly accurate profiles according to the user’s requests and specifications.

Warranty Period

We take great pride and complete confidence in everyprofile that our consultants deliver. It is only proper that each of thoseprofiles come with a warranty of up to 3 months. It is a token of appreciationand respect to establish a meaningful, long-term relationship with our clients.

Placement Fee

As more and more industries have conducted costreduction programs, there have been adjustments and careful considerationsregarding recruitment budgets. Rest assured, we will always provide fair,competitive pricing that is equivalent to the quality of services that weprovide. 

Monitoring After Placement

If a client should request it, GTI will do apost-placement follow up by monitoring and conducting a personal approach toeach candidate that we have provided. We will then submit a detailed report orfeedback of said candidate for the client’s perusal.


If required or requested, GTI will provide freepsychological tests to the candidates. The scope or specifications of thesetests will be adjusted based on the position or corporate hierarchy level ofthe candidate.

Online Interview

As we continue to improve ourselves in providing the most effective andefficient tools for our clients, we have provided a new feature in the form ofonline interviews. The interview will be recorded with audio and video withinan application, provided through an online link. 

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What We Do

We will make sure that you are handled by a highly professional consultant serving as your career consultant. We will make sure that each of our clients gains excellent reputation. We put considerable attention to the principle of transparency and clarity during the interview process. All GTI consultants must inform the candidates about the interview results within a period of no more than 2 weeks.

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