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What makes us different?


We realize how valuable the time of the interviewers (Clients) is. Hence, we acknowledge the critical importance of sending appropriate profiles or having high accuracy in meeting the expectation of our users. 

Warranty Period

GTI firmly believe in every profile sent by our consultant. Therefore, GTI dare to give our clients warranty against candidates for up to 1 year. This will be the form of our best service for the clients for the attainment of a long-term relationship. 

Placement Fee

GTI will quote every client a reasonable price. We do realize that many industrial sectors have had a cost reduction program, in which the recruitment budget will serve as a key consideration. We will try to be as competitive as possible in the market in order to provide the best services.

Monitoring After Placement

When requested by the Clients, GTI will monitor and make personal approach to every candidate who has been placed by GTI at client’s location. GTI will subsequently provide the clients reports or feedback on the candidates as an input.


When requested by the Clients, GTI will provide them with free psychotest. The scope and type of the psychotest will be adjusted to the level and position of the candidates.

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What We Do

We will make sure that you are handled by a highly professional consultant serving as your career consultant. We will make sure that each of our clients gains excellent reputation. We put considerable attention to the principle of transparency and clarity during the interview process. All GTI consultants must inform the candidates about the interview results within a period of no more than 2 weeks.

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