How to be Successful Leader

How to be Successful Leader

From my experience more than 11 years in organization, i would say that there are three core competencies that needed to be successful as leader.


Number one is Flexibility of thinking. On this term, i would say about the way perspective of problem or condition. I mean that the problem could be a small or big one depends on your perspective, especially when you’re face uncertain condition which involve lots of users or departments. Don’t be rigid and always prepare for lots of alternative solutions which could lead to win win solutions for both parties.


The second one is Creativity. Be original and thinking out of the box are the key points. Do not only think based on history or something that usually do. The world is getting faster each day and needed you to never stop explore new things. Be alive, explore each possible opportunity, and don’t be afraid to introduce something new, especially for millennial generation who loves new experiences.


Last but not least, High Intuition skill is important to be a successful leader. Intuition is the ability to understand or know something immediately based on one’s feelings rather than facts. This ability could be learn from emphatic, aware others feelings, notice and observe small things, etc. Intuitive people know to let go of negative feelings that only intoxicates the mind, body and soul. The more intuition will lead the more effective decision that you make.


That’s the key points! Always remember to turn obstacles into opportunities to grow and achieve more!

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