Headhunter Vs Candidate

Headhunter Vs Candidate


Dear Headhunter, (from Candidate to Headhunter).

Why are you excited about seducing and persuading me at the beginning of our acquaintance. Text me through email, message me in Linkedin, headhunt and call me even without you chat me through WA or give me an info first. Then you disappear, leave me with no news and feedback. You just let my WA message read. How bad your communication is.


Dear Candidates, (from Headhunter to Candidate)

Can you understand that I, as your consultant, has limitations. Lots of emails we have to answer, candidate interviews, searching for new clients, creating other candidate profiles of our own and so on. Can you understand that I am the one who recommend you to our client. We chose to trust you, can you cooperate during the process of screening to interview with open and honest way, come on time during the interview and not just for fun just try to look around.


I was once a candidate and I am a headhunter now. I’ve felt the position of being both.


The biggest complaints that are often complained by the Job seeker or Candidate are:

  1. Recruiter or Headhunter disappeared suddenly, leave no more news and call them back a few moments, maybe a few weeks or months with a new opportunity offer.

Did you know that I used to experience this often, and finally I think yeah, maybe  I did not pass it or the position was closed. So when I became a headhunter I promised myself to give the news  for my candidate whether they pass or fail in the process at the client. Reviewing it back, I think I have also ever done it once or twice, not giving news to my candidate because I  forgot about it or perhaps I missed it. Did you know sometimes we also have not get the assurance from our client then suddenly the position was already closed. Whatever the reason is in this situation, our “Headhunter” is wrong if they do not update their state, whether it is good or bad.


  1. Forceful or aggressive to accept the offer from the client (remember this depends on the individual, not all headhunters do so).

A good headhunter is in a neutral position, should be able to provide strategic advice for his/her candidate then be a good mediator between the two. So the match can be reach naturally with no one is being forced. So the future Candidate will work with joy.


  1. Not familiar with the character of the company that is offered.

We, as “headhunter” try to know clearly with whom we work together as well as the condition or situation of our client, via internet and reference check. Because we will take a person from the current workplace, where all goes well and then we move him or her to a new place. If after moving he/she becomes uncomfortable, of course we contribute in giving the bitterness of life for others, in this case our candidate.  But do you know? That it is impossible to know 100% of a company’s culture accurately, many things go on outside of our control.


  1. The candidates already come to the interview area or may be ready for Skype and cancel at the last minute.

This is a bad situation and happens completely out of control. The first is to understand the background situation occurred that make it canceled, whether the reason is reasonable enough to be accepted or not.  But if it is canceled, informing the candidate is a very important thing. Should a recruiter or headhunter ensure that this interview is running pretty well. The trick is to always communicate with the candidate and user until both meet either face to face or Skype scheme.


  1. Already sent a profile (CV) to Headhunter on request from headhunter itself, but given no confirmation of any or at least reply the email.

It could be happen after receiving the profile we feel less suitable. But whatever the reason we are obliged to reply to emails when we have received his/her CV or if we could call 2-3 minutes.


Then bitter experience as the headhunter of the candidate.

  1. Just read our email without giving any confirmation.

Actually this is not a problem, but isn’t it better if there is a reply as a form of good communication. If one is not open for approach, he/she can inform us though.


  1. Just look at how many salary he/she has in the market or similar industries.

You know, this is not very good, how many people who spend their time to meet / discuss in the hope of a match and a deal that you join in. And at the time of offering letter you say “at this time, I still do not want to move.”


  1. Counter offer

Not that I am not an open-minded person, but for me it is less wise if this is done. if someone refuses the offering letter of his/her future company who has believed in him/her, because his/her salary is increased by the present company.


  1. Disappear during interview and can not be contacted at all.

I have never experienced anything like this but some of my colleagues have. Their candidate disappeared unexpectedly or not attended the interview. Understand that the recruitment process is the initial stage of trust is collected and built. Disappearing and not giving news is an unwise act. If in the lapse of time you feel less suitable, just say it frankly and honestly. we will greatly appreciate this. So that “headhunter” can immediately inform the client and look for new replacement candidates as soon as possible.




The process of recruitment is a very mysterious process that can’t be separated from God’s intervention. Do the best, be patient, always be positive thinking and pray are the key. However “Good communication” between the headhunter and the candidate must go well.


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  1. I’m very agree with mr Brian, since we as a candidate and if we need a job please inform the headhunter or otherwise if we don’t need job or just want to try/look the opportunity please don’t try to play the scenario. So the other candidate who’s really need the new job can have a chance to get the better opportunity. Thanks.

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